Are you regulated by HIPAA | HITECH Security, Breach, and Privacy Rules?  


Our team, with decades of experience in this field, can help you to obtain compliance with HIPAA & HITECH requirements.


We don’t just know HIPAA & HITECH, we have created and implemented programs at major hospitals, insurance companies, and healthcare providers around the US.


Real Experts with Real Experience. We are…Experience Mastered!

HIPAA — Security Standards

  • Security Management Process

  • Assigned Security Responsibility

  • Workforce Security

  • Information Access Management

  • Security Awareness and Training

  • Incident Response

  • Contingency Plan

  • Evaluation

  • Business Associate Contracts

  • Facility Access Controls

  • Workstation Use

  • Workstation Security

  • Device and Media Controls

  • Access Control

  • Audit Controls

  • Integrity

  • Person or Entity Authentication

  • Transmission Security

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